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Per Ahlmann

Yasser Ballemans
Kasper Kaum Bonnén
Emmanuel Boos
Christina Schou Christensen
Rose Eken
Morten Løbner Espersen
Bente Hansen
Esben Klemann
Kristine Tillge Lund
Lone Skov Madsen
Fie Norsker
Ole Jensen
Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen
Andreas Schulenburg


SuperFormLab. Kunstakademiets Designskole, Copenhagen. Established in 2011

SuperFormLab provides facilities for experimental and innovative studies of various plastic silicate-based materials, such as ceramics, concrete, plaster, cold glass/ architectural glass. The workshop replaces the former department of Ceramics and Glass at Danmarks Designskole, offering a flexible working environment for students wishing a specific specialization within this field as well as for students from other disciplines, e.g. product design or architecture.

Studies are based on a three-year bachelor program, followed by a two year Master Program

Material experimentation is at the core of studying at SuperFormLab. Hands-on experiences, that allow for new design and artistic expressions to evolve out of a deeper knowledge about material qualities in relation to both new and more classic technical possibilities, notably various digitally controlled technologies. Digital software is equally regarded as a material, that can be explored in parallel to the materials themselves, leading to new forms of expression, whether in product design or used in an architectural context.


Digital 3D-milling combined with covential pressmoulding techniques. Student experiments

Direct 3D-printing in porcelain at SuperFormLab. Student experiments

3D-printing project evaluation. SuperFormLab 2012