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05.01 – 28.01
Anders Ruhwald


Christin Johansson: Her Alter Ego Universe
Welcome to the opening Thursday 22 November 5 – 8 pm
On Saturday 24 November at 2 pm you are invited to an Artist Talk
with Christin Johansson

Christin Johansson at Copenhagen Ceramics
Photo: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Christin Johansson at Copenhagen Ceramics
Photo: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Christin Johansson: My own little Circus Horse
Photo: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Christin Johansson: The Bar, H: 170cm D: 85cm W: 54cm
Photo: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Christin Johansson: Detail from The Bar
Photo: Lisa Strömbäck

Christin Johansson: Detail from The Muse Cabinet
Photo from Meissen, Germany
Photo: Lisa Strömbäck

Cristin Johansson: Detail from The Horse Furniture
Photo: Lisa Strömback

In her exhibition, Her Alter Ego Universe, Christin Johansson invites you into a universe saturated with scents, sounds and a rich variety of textures. Crude ceramic surfaces meet wood, velour’s and satin. You recognize the objects and materials, but they are placed in a rather unpredictable context.

Christin Johansson explores and challenges ceramics as an artistic medium. She has earlier, f. inst. in exhibitions such as Bara Brunt/ Just Brown, investigated the potential of ceramics and accentuated the textural qualities of clay in juxtapositions of ceramic objects with other materials and expressions in her handling of a concept.

In her show at Copenhagen Ceramics, Her Alter Ego Universe, she invites you into a universe, saturated with scents, sounds and a rich variety of textures. You may recognize the objects and materials but they are all placed in an unpredictable context. In this displaced world normality, memory - what is right and real – is questioned. As a guest you get a feeling of being in a ‘time-crease’, a flashback of 18-century Meissen, unfolding through the ceramics and collected items and laid bare in the individual objects.

Over recent years Augustine has manifested herself and created her own subtle Universe, where one senses that all her dreams may come true. The wunderkammer of Augustine is a true microcosmos consisting of a jumble for the senses. Here you can go exploring her treasures that are hidden in cupboards, drawers and indefinable objects with shapes and expressions of another world. You feel at home in Augustine’s wunderkammer, yet something is strange – a gust of another era – playing a trick on you as if in a dream that you just woke up from and cannot quite remember.

Do come inside the world of Augustine. Share her universe for a while. If you are lucky – and stay long enough - you may be presented with one of her small texts, elaborated during the silent morning hours when she is all alone with her thoughts.

Throughout the last decade Christin Johansson has been a remarkable innovator within the field of ceramics. She has been exhibiting widely in Scandinavia and abroad, for instance at Gustavsberg Kunsthal, Stockholm; Biennale Internationale de Vallauris; Röhsska Museet, Gothenburg; Grimmerhus, International Ceramics Museum, DK. Her works are represented in several museums and private collections.

In connection with the exhibition, Her Alter Ego Universe, following events will be held at Copenhagen Ceramics:

Thursday, 22 November at 5 – 8 pm: Housewarming/opening of exhibition

At the spectacular opening of Her Alter Ego Universe, you will be welcomed by the Holbæk Guards; you can enjoy your drink while listening to music by the band, Trash Drag, of artist and performer Dennis Agerblad. In the wondrous world of Augustine you will hear the tones from the harp of Nina Schlemm and meet the trapeze artist, contortionist and juggler, who for this special occasion are joining Augustine.

Saturday 24 November at 2 pm Copenhagen Ceramics invites to an artist talk with Christin Johansson at the gallery.

Friday 30 November at 5 pm: ’Casanovas nutid’ (The Present Time of Casanova). Lecture by Päivi Ernkvist and Anders Ernkvist (www.figurine-dialogue.com)

Saturday 8 December at 1 pm: ‘Alt foregår på samme tid hele tiden’ ( Everything Happens at the Same Time All the Time). Lecture by Gitte Jul (www.gittejul.dk)

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22.11 – 15.12
Christin Johansson